Terms and Conditions

By acquiring any product (either through purchase, winning a contest, or product testing) from https://www.sonyaadcockphotography.com you agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Heretofore, you will be referred to as the “licensee”. 

Your access to and use of Sonya Adcock Photography’s product is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. These Terms apply to anyone in possession of a product created by Sonya Adcock Photography.


This/These product(s) are licensed to ONE USER ONLY for professional and private use. They may be copied onto multiple devices belonging to the licensee. These resources may not be copied onto a computer belonging to anyone but the licensee.


This/These product(s) are copyrighted and are to be kept in the state that Sonya Adcock Photography created them. They may not be re-sold, re-purposed, re-used, redistributed, or back-engineered in any way without express permission from Sonya Adcock Photography.


This/These product(s) have been created to enhance the licensee’s own personal photography and may not be published online (on, but not limited to, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, your own personal website, etc.) in their current state. This/These product(s) have been created to be integrated into the licensee’s photography and may only appear online after integration.

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