How would you describe your personal style?

I live in Manhattan, NY with my husband, son, and many fur babies. I am a natural low light photographer who specializes in environmental lifestyle photography and portraiture with an artistic and fine art style. I try to find emotion in all of my images and seek out dramatic light when available. I am a mentor and educator at Click & Company. I also a volunteer Beauty Revived photographer, an organization that empowers women.

What first sparked your interest in photography?

Before photography entered my life, I was an oil painter and graphite artist. I specialized in portraiture. I come from a family of artists. Art has always been my passion in life. Painting and drawing takes time. It would take me weeks and sometimes months to finish a project. I became discouraged as I worked full time as a Research Scientist that offered no time personally and needed a quick creative outlet. This is where photography entered my life. I all of a sudden took notice of photographs as pieces of art, not just a picture that someone snapped. I realized that you can compose works of art through the camera lens and take that to a computer software program to follow through with your vision. This is where my passion with photography was born.

What caused the most growth for you as a photographer?

Shooting every day. As an artist, you change and evolve as you learn and grow. You discover details about yourself and customize your voice as you shoot every day. It is important to continually learn from others in terms of workshops or online classes and apply that knowledge to your own work.

How are you using your photography now?

Currently, I have reduced my client sessions to just focus on capturing details of my family. I realized that I am my families memory keeper, and don’t ever want to lose sight of that. It is important that my children and their families when they grow up have an archival of memories to reflect on and tell stories about. I have also taken an active role as a mentor and educator. I will be teaching at Click Away in February where my program will focus on timeless child lifestyle photography.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

Learn as much as you can. Never stop. I am continually learning every day who I am as a photographer. It never ends. It took me a long time to find my voice. There are many photographers that I admire and I would study their work. How they find the light and use it to their advantage. I would then incorporate that into my own work.

You can view more of Sarah’s work on her Website and Instagram

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