I have recently begun working on a personal photography project.  I have always loved art. I enjoyed drawing as a child (never really got into painting much). I did do watercolors for awhile. In high school, I loved studying Art History.  And now I am married to a wonderful artist, my husband Andrew. His oil paintings have graced our walls now for twelve happy years of marriage!

Art is all around me, so I thought it would be fun to “emulate” famous paintings from the past through the medium of photography. I am not trying to “recreate” the paintings in all their detail. I am just using them as an inspiration and springboard for the photograph. My first attempt was inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl With a Pearl Earring”. As you can see, mine is similar but different in several ways. In fact, someone even asked “Where is the pearl earring?”. It’s not there. My photograph is called “Blue”, an inspiration from a great painter…there is no need to recreate his masterpiece!

Please check my Facebook page regularly as I hope to have a “Guess the Painting” post up once a week. We had a lot of fun this past week. My next project will be from an American Impressionist. Be sure to brush up on your Art History!

Please take sometime to view my Portfolio, and feel free to Contact Me with any questions or Comment below.



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Sonya Adcock Photography

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