Documenting My Life

Documenting my life with a family album is a yearly goal of mine. My kids just love looking through old albums (or digital files that have yet to be organized!). They love to see their life, their story.

documenting my life in albums

I remember, as a kid, sitting and pouring over old photographs. I honestly think this is what got me into photography in the first place. When I grew up and had my own children, I made it a point to document our life together. I wish I was more consistent in putting my albums together, but I am happy to have the snapshots. One day, when I’m not chasing five “firecrackers” around, they’ll all be in albums. Here’s to hoping at least!

documenting my life monthly

My husband is fond of telling me that I am a great planner and a bad executor. I wish I could disagree, but, alas, ’tis true! That said, it is my plan (and every year, my New Year’s resolution) to work on my album at the end of each month, thus documenting my life. This way I can stay caught up and organized.

documenting my life how tos

Knowing What to Document

I always try to keep my “big girl camera” (Nikon d700) handy. (When without, my cell phone will suffice.) I actually usually have it accessible in my family room or kitchen, where all the action takes place.

documenting my life silly moments
documenting my life silly moments

So what do I try to capture? Many times, there is not a rhyme or a reason for the capture. I usually prefer the mundane! It is often a moment where my children are either engaging each other in some priceless way (that I will want to remember for years to come), or it is the way the light is hitting them that I just can’t resist! Below I have a photo of my daughter as she is struggling to finish her dinner. The light was just too yummy to pass up, even if her dinner wasn’t!

documenting my life mundane

I also take my camera with me on outings and am sure capture those milestones. One thing I really enjoy photographing are details…memories that often go unnoticed. Here is a photo of a “mini” snowman I found sitting on the back deck one morning!

documenting my life the details

Photographing my family events on a daily basis not only preserves my memories, but it is also an excellent tool to sharpen and hone my photography skills. I encourage you to do the same. You and your children will be so happy you did!

Sonya Adcock is a fine art photographer based in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania. She specializes in artistic child photography. Sonya’s artwork has been featured in Photography Monthly Magazine, Bella Grace Magazine, and Redbook Magazine. In the hectic pace of a digital era, her artwork encourages you to slow down and remember the joys and magic of childhood.

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